Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is driven by Guang Ming College’s vision, mission and objectives to serve the academic needs of the institution’s stakeholders.

In GMC, though the Academic Affairs is relatively small, the Office aims to be dynamic, innovative, agile, and effective as it is committed to fostering quality education, scholarship, and service through involved and informed faculty, staff, and students.

Academic Affairs Team

Admin Staff

Katherine Mae Sabate, MA

Director | Academic Affairs

Jared Jonathan Luna, MA

Coordinator | Research & Development

Mignon Lois dela Cruz


Margret Javier


Gellie Rose Cubio

Admin Officer I

Rocelle Harayo

Admin Assistant / Support Staff

Yuki Peñafiel

Library Support Staff

Gladith Kate Navarro

Registrar Assistant

Program Chairs

Pio Niño Opinaldo, MS

Program Chair | (Sports Science)

Shena Marie Pacano

OIC, Program Chair | (BA Buddhist Studies)

Regina Angelica Bautisa, MA

Program Chair | (BPA Dance)

Katherine Mae Sabate, MA

Program Chair | (BPA Theatre)

Full-Time Faculty

Paul Libo-on


John Adolfo, MA


Jared Jonathan Luna, MA


Edwin Anadon, MS


Arjay Viray, MM

Instructor | Music Theatre

Wincy Ramilo, MFA


Ralph Jade Tampal, MFA


Heidi Salih Emelo, MFA

NSTP Coordinator

Wynvel Anguren, MFA


Japhet Mari Cabling


Guang Ming College

Academic Calendar

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